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Australia is an (1) continent located in the Southern Hemisphere. It lies (2) the Pacific and Indian oceans and has a land area of over seven million square kilometres.

The (3) in Australia ranges from tropical in the far north to temperate in the south. Aproximately one third of Australia is (4). Because it is a geographically isolated country, Australia has many animals that are (5). Some of these are the kangaroos, koalas, emus, dingoes and platypuses.

The first people to come to (6) were the Aborigines. It is (7) that they arrived here about 60,000 years ago. In 1770, Captain Cook was the first European to (8) on the east coast to claim Australia for Britain. In 1788, Governor Phillip arrived in Port Jackson (now Sydney) to set up the first (9). Originally it was a place for British prisoners. When the (10) came to stay, there were approximately 300,000 Aboriginal people living in Australia.

The (11) of Australia reached 20 million in 2005. Sydney is the largest city with 4,305,500 people (12) at July 2004. Australia is a multiracial and multicultural (13) where people from over 200 countries have made Australia their home.

When (14) visit Australia, they can visit such place as the Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast, Sydney with its (15), the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge and numerous other places - too many to mention here. Whether a visitor likes the country or city, there is much to see here in Australia.