Past Perfect - Negative

Complete the sentences below using the negative
form of past perfect. Use the short form.

Example:He ________ (leave) when I arrived.
 He hadn't left when I arrived.

1.The man was hit by a red car. The driver (see) him.
2.I saw him because he (leave) for work.
3.The girl was afraid. She (fly) on a plane before.
4. Tamsin was happy to see John again. They (meet) for a long time.
5.He didn't get the job because he (send) all his papers.
6.The apartment was dirty. They (clean) it for a long time.
7.The dog was really hungry. Mary (feed) it since Monday.
8.She (iron) her blouse. She looked a mess.
9.The house didn't fall down. Luckily, the termites (eat)
all the floors as originally thought.
10.Derrick was very tired. He (sleep) at all.