Past Perfect Simple

Complete the sentences below with the simple form of past perfect.

Example:He ____________ (leave) when I arrived.
 He had left when I arrived.

1.I thought I knew her. I thought I (see) her before.
2.He (drive) only twice in his life before the accident.
3.Bonny no longer had her car. She (sell) it.
4. I saw Annabel last week. She (change) a lot.
5.Terry wasn't at home He (just go) out.
6.I tried to find Mr Jones but he wasn't around. Then I found out he
7.He didn't need to borrow the car because he (have)
his bike repaired.
8.Jenny (just get) home when the phone rang.
9.The new restaurant wasn't open any longer. It (close) down.
10.He fed the cat because no-one (feed) it for days.